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May 4


Arhuaco Indians in the Sierra Nevada de Santamarta are the guardians of this mountain, it is a free territory where children play and have fun at their pleasure, always with something present.

This is an image of hope evoked by certain situations in a country that has been hit by 50 years of war. Hope is there, we just have to follow it, adapting to change, internalizing ourselves a new way of living in peace and in harmony with others and with our own homeland. (Colombia)

April 27

Hoping to work in the fields by Richard Street

An old bracero, Pedro Martinez, 54, waits in the Customs House near the US-Mexico border in Calexico, CA after meeting the requirements to be admitted under a special agricultural workers program. (May 12, 1988. Calexico, Calif.)

April 20

Antique Showdown by Erica Robinson

A friendly show-down between a young visitor and Don Robertson, the owner of Jerome Arizona’s Gold King Mine and Ghost Town. Robertson was a passionate collector of all things antique, from trucks to signage to dentistry tools. He built the tourist attraction on a hill a mile above neighboring Jerome, Arizona. My first visit was back in 2010 when I briefly met Robertson. The boy had grabbed an old tricycle from a barn and was riding up the dirt path, when Robertson rode up next to him. The young boy stared at him in such genuine awe. while I know there was nothing but pure joy in the moment for Don. Don spent nearly every day in his masterpiece town and hoped to share it with anyone who had mutual love for American history. I can see his hopes of sharing his town with future generations being fulfilled. Don Robertson passed away on October 17, 2016. (March 29, 2010: Jerome, Arizona)

April 13

Untitled by Colin Finlay

A woman receives aid and comfort in a Doctors Without Borders refugee camp  during the genocide that was taking place, led by the Janjaweed. She is dignity and she is hope in spite of her circumstances, but at least she is safe and being cared for. (1998: Darfur, Sudan)

April 6

Untitled by Kirsten Lewis

Amir and Morgan Razi had tried for five years to get pregnant and on their second attempt at IVF, they succeeded. At about 13 weeks into the pregnancy, they went in for a routine ultrasound and the tech could not detect a heartbeat. A week later they went back to the doctor’s office to have the miscarried fetus removed. But minutes before the procedure, the devastated Razis demanded a final ultrasound to confirm the loss of their daughter. Doctors and techs were shocked to discover, not only a healthy heartbeat, but a very active and healthy baby. Because of her parents’ hope, love and intuition Farrah’s life was saved moments before a fatal procedure and is healthy and thriving today. (Oct. 23, 2019: Denver, Colorado)

March 30

Untitled by C.W. Griffin

Marjorie Conklin cools off in a tub of water filled with a hose, surrounded by what’s left of her South Dade home several days after Hurricane Andrew struck. (Aug. 24, 1992: Miami, Florida)